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Explore our indicators, which highlight how we, as a city, are doing on key issues.

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Measuring Progress

Explore our map page, creating your own graphics for the areas that matter to you.

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Explore the stories behind the statistics. This feature is unique to Peg.

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Peg Update

Thank you for visiting Peg, your best source for community data in Winnipeg. We are busy updating and revamping Peg to bring you a new and innovative user experience. If you are looking for data please contact us directly at and stay tuned for our new site coming in June.

What is Peg?

Peg measures the health of our community year over year – in ways that count.  We tally studies on everything from the health of babies born in Winnipeg right through to how many of them graduate 18 years later. We track how much garbage we take to the landfill and how often we give up our cars to take public transit. We calculate how often citizens volunteer and if we’re doing more or less of it.  It’s here at Peg that Winnipeggers can learn how their life, their neighbourhood and their city is changing – for the good and the bad.  Peg is a starting place for Winnipeg citizens, business owners and policy makers to learn the facts so you can lead change to create a better city for your children and their children.

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About PEG

About PEG

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