5 of Manitoba’s Best Data Portals

Manitoba is home to multiple, rich data sources offering insights into our social, health, and economic well-being. While Peg—Winnipeg’s interactive online indicator system—is unique in its alignment to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), all Manitoba data portals can shine a light on how well our community is doing.

Here are five of the best and brightest Manitoba data offerings for you to explore.

Manitoba Collaborative Data Portal (MBCDP)

The MBCDP provides an open data knowledge base to promote evidence-informed community discussion, planning, and action to maximize health equity, social justice, public accountability, and environmental sustainability.

The data portal is organized as a Collective Impact project with collaborating partners providing in-kind resources and technical support and expertise. A Community Practice group with representation from a wide variety of stake-holder groups – including the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba – acquires, produces, and shares MBCDP data through a variety of interactive data tools, including web maps and demographic dashboards. Their site also provides links to other local and national data portals.

Visit the Manitoba Collaborative Data Portal

City of Winnipeg Open Data Portal

The City of Winnipeg’s open data policy supported the creation of a Winnipeg data portal that shares a large amount of interactive and real-time datasets, maps, and infographics for all areas of civic governance and services.

A capital projects dashboard provides department, map, and location search tools for drilling down to individual projects, while a city services page includes everything from 311 data to mosquito trap counts. A wide variety of interactive datasets and visuals—almost 1,000—can be searched, while a Transit API allows the more technically inclined to create an application interface to retrieve live information about Winnipeg Transit services. This data portal is a valuable resource for any Winnipegger who wants to learn about local budgets, planning, finance, and governance.

Visit the City of Winnipeg Open Data Portal


Peg, Winnipeg’s interactive data dashboard, provides reliable and credible data and analysis on more than 55 indicators that shine a light on economic, environmental, cultural, and social elements of life in Winnipeg.

Peg data, often presented at a neighbourhood level, can help Winnipeg citizens, social leaders and policy makers take the pulse of the city and identify wellness gaps where action is needed. Led by two partner organizations—the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) and United Way Winnipeg—Peg is fully aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, placing local indicators like Core Housing Need, Life Expectancy, Children in Care and High School Graduation Rates into a global context.

Browse Peg

Winnipeg Crime Statistics

The Winnipeg Police Service crime and calls for service maps are interactive and searchable by community and neighbourhood. Each of the maps comes with a user guide and video tutorial. For the crime map, rolling year-to-date and monthly data is searchable by offence and offence category.

Monthly data is available for a single month with a three-month lag to allow accurate data updates. The calls for service map – based on data from citizen phone calls, in-person, and online reports – is uploaded every Monday. Calls for service data covers the past ten weeks and is searchable by day of the week, service type and event type. The WPS also offers a Monthly Statistical Report that gives a year-to-date and monthly snapshot of Criminal Code of Canada violations in Winnipeg.

Visit the Winnipeg Crime Statistics website

Climate Atlas of Canada

The Climate Atlas of Canada is an interactive tool for citizens, researchers, businesses, community and political leaders to learn about climate change in Canada. It combines climate science, interactive mapping, local data, and video storytelling to bring climate change into focus for Canadians and inspire action.

The centrepiece of the site is the interactive map that acts as a portal to climate data of the past, present, and future, along with links to video storytelling. Climate knowledge is further disseminated through downloadable maps and infographics, articles and resources keyed to seven key topics, including Taking Action and Climate Science.

Visit the Climate Atlas of Canada website

More Winnipeg Data Sources

In addition to the interactive data portals listed above, the following reports and data sources can be useful tools for learning and investigation:

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