Peg Highlighted in WGSI Generation SDG Blueprint

On November 7, 2018, the Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WGSI) released a report: The Generation SDG Blueprint. The report provides “a vision for a community-driven approach to the SDGs,” focusing on four key areas: community ecosystems and planning, partnerships, accountability and financing and stimulating innovation for the SDGs.

In the report, Peg is highlighted as an enabler of ecosystems and planning approaches for communities (p.23), delivering on three tenets for communities looking to build their own indicator frameworks:

  • Engage and consult with local actors to ensure community ownership and that no one is left behind
  • Develop community indicator systems into the community infrastructure to help inform decision-making
  • Maintain a reputation as a neutral entity providing data for informed decision-making.

Another Winnipeg initiative highlighted in the report includes: Meet Me at the Bell Tower, a weekly gathering, facilitated by Aboriginal Youth Opportunities (AYO), aimed at providing a safe place for people to meet, form relationships and build a stronger community.