City of Winnipeg Launches OurWinnipeg Draft for Sustainable Growth

Peg is excited to learn of the launch of the City of Winnipeg’s public engagement website which includes the draft of OurWinnipeg, a 25-year vision for the entire city with the goal of positioning Winnipeg for sustainable growth. 

Until August 10, Winnipeggers have a chance to shape this vision.  

OurWinnipeg was originally launched in 2011 as the City of Winnipeg’s long-term roadmap for development, informing every action the City would take as we head toward one million residents. The latest revision is open for community input from July 13 until August 10 and includes substantial updates based on feedback from citizens and community groups. The Peg team is pleased to learn of two particular evolutions – the adoption of community indicators and the alignment of Winnipeg’s development plans with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Community indicators are crucial to recognize trends, document changes over time, identify priorities, report on results, and inspire action. Peg itself is a collection of indicators – and our team has worked with the City of Winnipeg to select indicators that can be used to report progress to elected officials, community groups, and citizens.  As the draft Strategic Priorities Action Plan notes:

 “Building on Peg, the City will develop greater capacity to refine its goals, and measure the impact of its initiatives across the policy spectrum.”

We are pleased that the team behind OurWinnipeg – including their Community Advisory Committee – adopted Peg’s indicators reporting approach and aligned development with the SDGs. This action matches cities around the world that are localizing the global SDG agenda in their own backyards, writing Voluntary Local Reviews to share stories of sustainable development progress and challenges. We hope to continue work with the City to dig beneath the surface and use the evidence from data indicators in understanding and prioritizing local development.

Check out the City of Winnipeg’s public engagement website to review the OurWinnipeg draft. Be sure to take the survey for your chance to provide feedback and help guide this crucial document.