Population data refers to the total number of people who live within a defined area.

Why This Matters

Knowing how many people live in Winnipeg is important for ensuring that everyone counts. Knowing the population of an area helps governments budget for and provide essential services to citizens. Steady population growth is also a signpost of a healthy economy (Berry, 2014). Determining whether the population increases through births in the city, in-migration (Canadians living in other parts of the province or country) or the arrival of new immigrants, also helps us understand how Winnipeg is growing and changing as new populations bring new voices, ideas, opportunities and culture to Winnipeg.

Population is also important for calculating indicators on a per capita basis. Some indicators tell a different story when tracked at the individual level. Water use and Residential Waste Going to the Landfill are two examples of this type of indicator. Knowing how much waste we produce on an individual basis can motivate us to reduce this amount by recycling and composting more and consuming less products with packaging.

Measurements and Limitations

Some indicators use differently defined areas or boundaries. This is why different population and population estimates are available. The population numbers presented in this indicator are based on the City of Winnipeg’s Population of Winnipeg report.

Data Source

The population of Winnipeg is sourced from the City of Winnipeg’s Open Data Portal data. Retrieved from https://data.winnipeg.ca/City-Planning/City-Of-Winnipeg-Population/mhuw-u7yg/data

Data is updated on Peg as it becomes available from the data providers. Previous year’s figures may change when data is updated.


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